Don finished with Dokken

Don Dokken says Broken Bones is his last Dokken album, because he wants to move on to other projects.

The vocalist feels he’s achieved everything he can in the confines of his current style of music, and he now wants to move in a different direction.

First up will be an acoustic music project with Michael Schenker – which Dokken says will be a departure for both of them.

He tells Glide: “I think I’ve said what I had to say in that style of music – I want to stretch out a little bit and do other things.

“I’m going to start work with Michael. I saw him last month and he said, ‘Don, we’ve always been talking about doing an acoustic record,’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’ He gave me a couple of albums that are just instrumental and I said, ‘Why don’t I see if I can write lyrics and sing over the songs?’

“It’s coming out really great. It’s not rock – it’s a kind of chill records.”

Dokken guitarist Jon Levin, who’s also involved in the Schenker project, recently admitted he hadn’t been sure the German axe icon was serious when the idea was first mentioned.

Meanwhile, Dokken insists people should listen to Broken Bones more than once before reacting to its contents.

He says: “If you listen once you won’t grasp the gravity of what we were trying to accomplish. All the songs are different – they have their own flavour and vibe.

“Jon and I spent eleven months and wrote over 30 songs. Some of them we rewrote three, four or five times.

“I really pushed myself on this one; it’s our last CD so I said, ‘This has to be it. I want everything to be stellar.’”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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