Kiss ‘offend’ Steven Tyler

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler says he can feel “offended” by Kiss, and describes the band as “a little comic-book.”

He believes the two outfits are worlds apart and admits he sometimes wonders whether Kiss mean what they’re doing.

Tyler tells 102.5 The Bone: “They’ve got a couple of hits, but they’re more comic-book – you see them in their spackled faces.

“We were always a band that had something to prove. We always wanted to blow off whatever band it was. I remember when we went out with Kiss in 1976 or something, one of our roadies got into a knife fight with their guys. I hated them ever since.

“Since then I’ve gotten to know Gene and Paul, and they’re beautiful people. But it is different. A Kiss lick and a Joe Perry lick – two different worlds.

“I sometimes, depending on the time of day, get offended. I go, ‘It’s alright, but do they really mean it? What’s this all about?’”

Guitarist Perry adds: “It’s two different animals. They went the theatrical was and used rock’n’roll as their soundtrack. For Aerosmith, the music is our show.”

Meanwhile, former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick has praised his former band’s new album, Monster, and singled out his replacement Tommy Thayer for particular commendation.

He says: “I love the seventies influences. I hear Stones-type things in some songs, aggressive guitar and classic riffs with all the snot you can put on a guitar.

“Tommy really stands out – he’s a really fine player and I get the sense that the tall shadow of Ace Frehley is no longer a concern. I also love the fact that Tommy’s solos are front and centre in the mix, the way they should be.

“Kiss keeps moving forward in a fashion that makes perfect sense: plenty of crunching guitars, vocal hooks, thundering drums and big distorted melodic bass lines.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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