Thin Lizzy winds down new era

Thin Lizzy have decided to end their two-year-old new era, and won’t release the new material they’ve written under the banner of Phil Lynott’s band.

The outfit regrouped in 2010 behind former Almighty frontman Ricky Warwick, and toured the world to great acclaim.

Earlier this year they revealed plans to record a new album, then went into the studio and worked on 20 songs. But they’ve now said that while the material will be heard in the near future, it won’t be described as Thin Lizzy music.

And after their upcoming European tour they’ll wind down regular live performances.

Original guitarist Scott Gorham says: “Out of respect to Phil and the legacy he created, we have decided we should not release a new album under the Thin Lizzy name.

“It was a very difficult decision as we put a lot of time and effort into rebuilding the brand over recent years. Releasing a new album was the only way to continue this success.

“We have written songs that we all feel do the band credit. We believe Phil would have been proud of them. We always knew a new record was a touchy subject with some people, and we really want the quality of these songs to be heard by everyone without any judgement or prejudice. We have decided not to release these songs under the name Thin Lizzy.”

The album is set for release in the near future, but Gorham hasn’t revealed the name they’ll use.

Frontman Warwick says their decision doesn’t mean a complete end to Lizzy activity.

He explains: “Nobody respects Phil as much as I do. Singing his songs for the past two years has been an incredible honour and something I will never forget.

“Without a new album to gain new press and keep the momentum we’ve built up, we’re worried the brand will diminish to a point we would never want to see.

“Therefore our regular touring will cease after our European tour. This does not necessarily mean we will never play together again as Thin Lizzy. We may still play odd shows in 2013 and beyond if people want to see us.”

Gorham, alongside Lynott-era members Brian Downey and Darren Wharton, reinvented the band after long-time driving force John Sykes left in 2009. Guitarists have included Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell, Guns n’Roses Richard Fortus and current incumbent Damon Johnson. Marco Mendoza plays bass in Lynott’s place.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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