Hangfire – “Shoot the Crow”

Southern Welsh rockers Hangfire serve up a massive slab of blues groove with monstrous power and melody. The band’s ‘far reaching’ influences spans the classic rock heyday of late July to the middle of August ’87!

2012 saw the explosive release of their latest album ‘Shoot the Crow’. The band’s performances on this album encapsulate an awesome fusion of light and shade – from the raw aggression of ‘Bodies’ and ‘Shoot The Crow’, the more melodic hook laden ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and ‘Faith In Me’ to the blues inspired ‘Slip Away’ and the sombre, heartfelt, and totally beautiful, tribute to their fallen brother ‘Dead Man Walking’.

The band which features ex Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout and totally blind guitar virtuoso Lizzy Evans, seamlessly blends some surging, grinding power with the melody and passion of Max Rhead’s vocals. It is the melody which should make this record appeal to all – heaviness but with a subtlety seldom achieved by others (even on the aforementioned “Bodies”). Riffs a plenty and with Bob Goo’s bass binding tighter than a ducks ar$e with Matt’s drums, Hangfire have a rhythm section to kill for.


Hangfire are without doubt a band to hear and to catch them live is a must (I had the pleasure earlier this year) and you must not pass on the opportunity to catch their live show. 2013 promises to be even more successful for them, having just been victorious in the TBFM Factor competition and gaining a worldwide deal with Ripple Music. Watch this space!

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Review by David Wilson

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