Issa – Can’t Stop

Once again those fine chaps and chapesses at Frontiers Records have released a gem of a melodic rock album. Now, I am acutely aware that I say something like this every review but that says more about the Quality Assurance team that Frontiers have rather than my melodic rock tendencies! Issa has also produced another fine collection of songs – again proving that the Scandinavians produce the sort of quality music that was once solely only from North America.

Right from the outset, title track “Can’t Stop”, the stall is set. Not just a (very?) pretty face, Issa Overseen possesses the sort of voice that I was discussing with someone only last week – a female voice with “balls”.From uptempo rockers where there is the slightest hint of sexy growl, through to more soulful and tender ballads like “Just a Wish” Issa has the sort of voice that should be filling arenas around the world. Moreover, for UK readers, these are the sort of songs that would make Pop Factor type programmes so much more bearable and perhaps, just perhaps, make the Top 40 something we might actually pay some attention to?

The only, very minor, criticism is that I would like to hear more of the fast paced songs – I love a good ballad, and these are GREAT, but for me Issa’s voice has a power and dynamism that can really RAWK! Don’t let that put you off what is a great CD with a crisp and polished production that only enhances the songs on offer.

“Can’t Stop” is available on 2nd November via Frontiers Records

Review by David Wilson

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