Axl vows to be on time for GnR Vegas shows… whatever that time is

Guns n’Roses mainman Axl Rose was in fine form when he made a rare TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show.

He brought gifts for the entire studio audience and comfortably fielded fan queries – while addressing his notorious timekeeping issues.

Speaking of GnR’s’ upcoming 12-date residency in Las Vegas, Rose told Kimmel: “We’ll probably really go on at about the time we’re supposed to really go on. As soon as I find out what that time is, or as soon as it’s been negotiated.”

Kimmel revealed a small plaque taken from Rose’s home which reads: “Punctuality is the thief of time,” which the singer explained was his favourite Oscar Wilde quote.

He called the set of shows “a challenge in a different way” and said the aim was to be in Vegas and “not get into trouble.”

Rose also discussed how honoured he’d felt as Neil Young sang with his band during their Bridge School Benefit show at the weekend. “It was great to meet him – he’s such a powerhouse. He’s the real deal, and so strong.”

And the GnR mastermind explained what he called “the most evil thing I’ve ever done”: setting up a Halloween tree in his home.

“We did this tree, put presents under it, and families come with their little kids,” Rose explained. “The kid would stand there and I’d go, ‘What, you don’t have a Halloween tree?’ ‘No…’ Then I’d give them a present.

“The parents would call me for like three months: ‘You son of a…’”

He recalled working in Tower Video as a manager, hiring members of his band and other friends, and being a “lenient” boss. He explained he liked leaving the stage during solos, saying: “I feel like an idiot standing at the side.”

Asked which year of his life he’d relive, he answered: “Somewhere within the last five or six. I’m kind of having a lot more fun now.”

At the end of the interview Rose told the audience to look under their seats. He’d supplied vouchers to use at a burger truck that he’d had parked outside the studio. “I thought it would be something fun,” he said.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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