Michael Schenker trails Temple Of Rock DVD

Michael Schenker has released a trailer for his Temple Of Rock Live In Europe DVD. View it below.

The main part of the film was shot in Tilburg in the Netherlands in May this year. The band features singer Doogie White, drummer Herman Rarebell, bassist Francis Buchholz and keyboardist Wayne Findley.

Additional footage is taken from Classic Rock’s 2011 High Voltage Festival, with Michael Voss on vocals plus guest appearances from Schenker’s brother Rudolf of the Scorpions, former Journey singer Jeff Scott Soto and UFO bassist Pete Way.

Shenker promises “extensive, high-quality material for your viewing and listening pleasure.” Temple Of Rock Live In Europe is released on December 3.

Live in Tilburg
1. Into The Arena
2. Armed And Ready
3. Lovedrive
4. Another Piece Of Meat
5. Hanging On
6. Cry For The Nations
7. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8. Coast To Coast
9. Assault Attack
10. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
11. Lights Out
12. On And On
13. Let It Roll
14. Shoot Shoot
15. Rock You Like A Hurricane
16. Rock Bottom
17. Holiday
18. Blackout
19. Doctor Doctor

Live at High Voltage
20. Armed And Ready
21. Another Piece Of Meat
22. Rock You Like A Hurricane (ft. Rudolf Schenker)
23. Hanging On (ft. Rudolf Schenker)
24. Doctor Doctor (ft. Rudolf Schenker)

-Classic Rock Magazine

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