RYAN ROXIE “THE ROXIE BOX” – Released: 7th January 2013

Ryan Roxie is the quintessential rock star, primarily noted as Alice Cooper’s mainstay guitarist and for his own Classic Rock Award nominated band, Casablanca- not forgetting his recent interview here on Rock-Zone UK. He considers his Gibson Les Paul Goldtop his first girlfriend, and by his own admission has been “in the rock ‘n’ roll trenches for quite some time”. He says, “I know what it’s like to tour on a skateboard, from charter jets to rent-a-cars – the whole gamete”. As such Ryan has a rich rock ‘n’ roll heritage, which he is delighted to be sharing with the release of this new boxset.

“I’m very proud to have a tangible item in the form of the Roxie Box because it showcases all the songs I’ve been able to record thus far in my career with some of the best friends a rock ‘n’ roll guitar player could ever ask for. The musicians I’ve worked with over the years have shaped my musical history and I will always be grateful to them for giving me that experience. I equally thank the fans that have followed and have allowed me to make playing music not just my passion, but my lifestyle…… ultimately this is for all of you diehards!” –Ryan Roxie


The Roxie Box contains the re-mastered recordings of Ryan Roxie and his collaborative bands packaged within an attractive limited edition eco-box including mini-sleeve designs of original album artwork – over 40 hours-worth of music / 70 songs !

D.P.M. – ‘Dad’s Porno Mag ‘

Delving back to 1997 we are rewarded with the Dad’s Porno Mag album. Until now a rare gem, this opus features former and future members of Alice Cooper, Ratt, L.A. Guns and Slash’s Snakepit. Highlights include tracks ‘Smell My Finger’ and ‘Rule Me’ – Dad’s Porno Mag’s infectious pop/rock was filed under ‘Lost Classic’…until now.

Roxie 77 – ‘Peace, Love & Armageddon’

Roxie 77’s influences lie somewhere in between The Beatles and the Beastie Boys! ‘Peace, Love & Armageddon’ was originally released by the small indie Wax-Tone Records label. Ryan describes the subject matter as “everything from being a rock ‘n’ roll idiot to coming of age, having a kid and realizing we are all mortal…” The album is produced & mixed by Gilby Clarke.

Roxie 77 – Two Sides To Every Story

The second ‘official’ Roxie 77 album, but the first one to include the Swedish line-up, the album

uniquely offers both electric and acoustic versions of each track, with differing keys and song

structures. This album shows the continuing development and dedication for the search of the perfect guitar-driven ‘heavy-pop’ song

PLUS a special BONUS CD containing previously unreleased demos and masters of rare material from all of Roxie’s different collaborations over the years including- Bye Bye Kitty / The Unbelievable Truth / The Silver Blackouts + more.

So sit back, turn it up, and above all…enjoy the ride!

RRP £20.00 from all good stores

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