Vince Neil in fan attack

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil lashed out at a fan from the stage in New Mexico at the weekend.

Video shows the singer swinging his mic at a member of the audience after stopping the show to berate him.

The band are gearing up to play Kickstart My Heart when Neil stares at the fan and shouts: “Get the fuck out of here!” then attempts to assault him across the security barrier.

Guards removed the man and the show continued – but it’s been reported he later returned in an attempt to settle the score.

A spokesman for Inn of the Mountain Gods in Mescalero tells TMZ: “During the post-performance party, the intoxicated fan and his group of friends, who were also visibly inebriated, returned and continually attempted to get close to Vince.”

The gossip site says the initial disturbance took place after the fan kept trying to grab hold of Neil during his performance.

Earlier in 2012 the singer was filmed shouting at a car valet who refused to return his vehicle without ID. At the beginning of the year he was permanently banned from a Las Vegas casino after having abused staff then threatened them with negative press and releasing a tirade of angry tweets.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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