Anvil are grumpy old men says ex bassist

Former Anvil bassist Glenn Five says ex-bandmates Lips Kudlow and Robb Reiner are “grumpy old men” who made him feel expendable despite 15 years of loyalty.

He quit the band in January, saying drummer Reiner never stopped reminding him he wasn’t a real member of the band, and that he wanted to get out before they started filming a sequel to celebrated movie Anvil: The Story of Anvil.

Kudlow responded by accusing Five of conspiring to sabotage their plans by leaving at the worst possible moment.

In a review of his year on Facebook, the bassist says he’s spent the year jamming with other musicians – and he’s had a great time doing it.

Five reports: “So happy to have spent this past year playing with great musicians who are also great people. Such a pleasure to express myself with people who bring enjoyment to playing music and have no egos or hang-ups about trying new things.

“Gone are the days of working with self-righteous, narcissistic, sociopathic, stiff, boring, grumpy old men who kill all the fun and enjoyment out of living the dream.

“Also gone are the days of pretty much everyone I know asking me why I was so dedicated to two people who didn’t appreciate my dedication and contribution. And how a decade of not getting paid and going through the same hell they did, when nobody knew who we were, didn’t count for anything.

“Gone is the way I was meant to feel expendable, and how I was treated like I was riding their coat-tails after 15 years of loyalty and love for what I was part of.”

Despite that, Five insists he has no regrets from his time in Anvil – but adds: “It’s just a shame that I had to experience it all with two people who treated me like I wasn’t even there at all.”

Earlier this month Lips reported the band had completed work on their follow-up album to Juggernaut of Justice, with new bassist Sal Italiano, saying: “We’re all finished recording Hope In Hell. We went to the Rainbow Bar & Grill and had dinner. It was great seeing Lemmy sitting playing his usual slot machine. The recording came out killer – it should be out in April or May.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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