Michael Sweet to front T&N on tour

Dokken offshoot band T&N will tour with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet on vocal and rhythm guitar duties – but they’ll finish their second album first, says George Lynch.

The infamous bad blood between the guitarist and Don Dokken recently led the estranged singer to claim T&N was over before it had really begun – but Lynch confirms it’s not the case.

In fact, he’s already working on a new record with Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown.

Lynch tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “Don said that. Well, that’s sort of self-evident where that’s coming from. He’s the spin master. There is no truth to that whatsoever.

“T&N is very active. We have this record which is finished and released and we’re promoting. But Jeff, Mick and I are already working on the second record.

“It will be the same balance of new material and reworked Dokken stuff as the first. We’ve got all the Dokken stuff done and have a few new originals written. We’re going to release it in the summer and tour heavily to support both releases.”

The band’s first record, Slave To The Empire, featured eight new tracks sung by Pilson plus four Dokken pieces delivered by guest singers.

When they do hit the road, Lynch is convinced they’ve found the right frontman in Sweet. “Lynch Mob has done quite a few dates with Stryper and we know Michael as a man,” the guitarist explains.

“He’s just such a wonderful guy, which is important at this stage in the game. You just want to work with people who want to work with you and are dedicated, honest, transparent and have a good work ethic. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

“His voice is really suited to what we’re trying to accomplish live, which is to recreate the Dokken stuff faithfully. Jeff’s voice is not necessarily ideal for all of that – he’ll do some of the Dokken stuff, but then Michael will come in and do some of the material he’s better at.

“The other advantage with Michael is that he’s a really good guitar player, really suited to playing the rhythm parts we have – we want to reproduce the record faithfully. Plus, he’s not a bad-looking guy either.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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