QOTSA release album mockumentary

Queens of the Stone Age have released a mockumentary featuring the making of their upcoming album.

Secrets of the Sound host Matt Berry – after being corrected over the band name – explains: “Queens, it says here, are a very successful hard rock act in the US.” He goes on to describe the band’s collection of guitars as “guitarded.”

Berry goes on to interview QOTSA mainman Josh Homme – after being corrected over his name. He asks about some of the gear in the band’s studio, saying: “Some of this stuff looks shit. Have you kept it for sentimental reasons?”

He then asks, “How many people are in this band?” to which Homme responds, “Why, what have you heard?”

Later the band explain why they’ve started using human ears instead of microphones.

The new album, featuring Dave Grohl on drums, is due out in 2013.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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