Slash: I’ll never work with Weiland again

Slash is fed up with Scott Weiland’s “rantings” about rejoining Velvet Revolver, saying: “None of us have a clue what he’s talking about… We’re not buying it.”

Frontman Weiland, who was booted out of Velvet Revolver in 2008 and subsequently got back together with Stone Temple Pilots, has been talking up a reunion with his VR bandmates Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner.

However, in an interview in the new issue of Classic Rock, Slash bristled at the mere mention of Weiland’s name, insisting: “I don’t even want to give him this attention, to tell you the truth.”

The top-hatted one added: “I think at this point Scott just got fired from STP and I think he’s trying to pull off that trick of trying to get something else going on, and we’re not buying it. The door’s shut on this side and it’s probably shut on that side too, so he’s on his own. And he deserves it too.”

Slash continued: “Scott is completely speaking out of his ass [about the VR reunion]. Nobody at this end has had any conversations with Scott on this subject, except maybe Dave Kushner, because he was the only one in the band who was really close to him. And all things considered, we don’t have a good professional relationship with Scott.

“And it also pisses me off because he’s put STP through so much shit over the years, and put us through shit too when we were working with him. In 2008, that was all over with, so at this point, when he starts coming up with this stuff, it’s like, whatever.”

The guitarist said he is in a good frame of mind these days, branding Weiland a negative influence. “It’s been great… It’s basically since I got my shit together and stopped touring with Scott. Even if I didn’t have my solo thing going on, I still wouldn’t work with him.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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