Doro deals with loss of home

Doro Pesch is one of the thousands of New York residents who lost her home in Superstorm Sandy – but she knows she can live without her possessions.

In fact, she says, she’s only sorry that the freak weather conditions destroyed so many gifts sent to her by fans.

Pesch had already suffered severe damage to her apartment when Hurricane Irene hit in 2011. But when Sandy struck last October and caused over $60bn of damage, her home and belongings were wiped out.

She tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “I’ve been in New York since 1987 and nothing ever happened – and now twice, it is just unbelievable.

“To me though, none of those things are what’s important. I can still sing and play music and enjoy the time with fans, those are the real riches in life. I don’t need material stuff, although the apartment was nice.

“Sometimes I think, ‘Oh, shit – all these nice gifts from fans’ because I always collect everything. But it is all in the ocean.”

Pesch was in New York when she dreamed nearly the entirety of Hero, her tribute to metal icon Ronnie James Dio, who died in 2010.

She recalls: “I was ever so devastated. So were tons of fans – we would talk on the phone; nobody could believe it because it was just so heavy.

“I was almost ready to fall asleep and I just couldn’t get Ronnie out of my mind. I had this melody. The whole lyrics were there. They just needed to be touched up a bit.

“I called up an old friend of mine, Joey Balin, and said, ‘I have this song that is very important to me . It’s for Ronnie.’ He said, ‘Yeah, come on over’.

“One day later we had it finished and the next day we recorded it. That song was definitely the most important to me – I just wanted to say thank you to him. We always play it live and dedicate it to Ronnie as well. You will always hear the chants for Dio before and after we play Hero. It’s just amazing.”

Pesch tours the US next month in support of latest album Raise Your Fist.

-Classic Rock

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