The Mars Volta split in anger

The Mars Volta singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala says the prog band have split after guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez refused to take part in a US tour.

Zavala blamed the move on Lopez’ interest in his new band, Bosnian Rainbows. In a furious tweet the vocalist demanded: “What am I supposed to be, some progressive housewife that’s cool with watching their partner go fuck other bands?”

The duo formed The Mars Volta in 2001 after previous outfit At The Drive-In collapsed. They won a Grammy in 2009. Last year they said they’d gone on hiatus while Lopez concentrated on his new project.

But Zavala has claimed that was never really the case. In a series of tweets he said last night: “I guess a break from Mars Volta means starting another band and ignoring all the support the fans gave us.

“I can’t sit here and pretend any more. I no longer am a member of Mars Volta. Sadly it’s over.”

Thanking fans for their support he continued: “For the record I tried my hardest to get a full scale North American tour going but Omar did not want to.

“I just feel really guilty for not even really saying the truth because ‘a hiatus’ is just an insult to the fans. All I can do is move forward with my music and just be happy that Mars Volta ever happened at all. God damn we had a blast.”

Zavala is working on a solo album while Bosnian Rainbows will release their debut album this year and tour the US next month.

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