Early Eddie Vedder Demo’s Appear Online

Before he was ‘Alive’ with Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder was a struggling singer just hoping to catch a break. But, as with most success stories, there’s always a link to the pre-fame days. In this case, Vedder’s pre-Pearl Jam demos have been uncovered and posted online by Antiquiet.

The 13-track collection features material recorded between 1988 and 1989, with several of the songs being strictly solo efforts, while others included material recorded with San Diego outfit Bad Radio. Over time, some of the tracks that initially existed on tape have since been digitized and now the songs have turned up for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Included in this collection is an early live version of what would eventually become the Pearl Jam song ‘Betterman,’ as well as Vedder’s acoustic and studio versions of ‘Homeless’ and a brief snippet of the Sam Cooke classic, ‘Wonderful World.’ Also of interest is Vedder’s take on Kenny Rogers‘ ‘Something Inside So Strong.’ Antiquiet claims to have obtained the music from a tape that Vedder dubbed for a co-worker at his old job at San Diego Petroleum.

To listen to the downloadable Vedder demos, click here.


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