Circle II Circle ‘Seasons Will Fall’ CD Review

Circle II Circle

Seasons Will Fall


I will admit to the shameful fact that I hadn’t ever heard of Circle II Circle until the CD landed on my desk but this is actually their 6th studio album to date! With much embarrassment I will hunt out the other 5 some time soon!

Fronted by former Savatage Vocalist, Zak Stevens, this 6 piece hard rock band were formed in 2001 and hail from the United States (A promise of a full European tour is included in the press release that came with the disc but I see no UK dates on there! If any appear, I’m there! Watch this space!!)

From the opening track, Diamond Blade, the power of this bands music is evident. Zak’s vocals are strong enough in their own right not to be overcome by the amazing musicianship of the band; in fact in some places he definitely has the Bruce Dickinson warble down to a tee! (And that’s not a bad thing!)

For all the power and grind of the majority of this CD there are also a couple of very strong but slower tracks mixed in. One of my favorite tracks is Epiphany – Showing how they have the fine art of metal-but-melodic bang on the money!


Would love to see these guys live for sure! I can imagine the shows to be very sweaty, loud and dramatic! Let’s hope they get to play in England very soon!

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