Corabi ‘done’ with Motley Crue men

Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi says he’s “done” with trying to keep in contact with his ex bandmates.

He feels he’s done everything he can to keep their friendship – and reveals the last straw came when drummer Tommy Lee blanked his son.

He’s also offered a new account of how he came to leave the band, saying he’d felt out of place and unsupported for years before he paved the way for Vince Neil’s return.

Corabi tells The Great Southern Brainfart: “I hung out with those guys every day for five years – and I haven’t seen them more than five times in the last 15 years. That bothered me more than anything. I thought those guys were my friends and that’s what I miss. I was more bummed out over the loss of our brotherhood than anything.

“Those guys are just the kind of people that will embrace you when you’re in their circle. They’ve had so many buzzards and vultures picking at their bones that when they see me calling them, I bet they immediately think, ‘What does he want?’”

The singer says he concluded there was no relationship to save when his son’s band signed a record deal. “The drums he played on his album and the video was the set Tommy gave him when my kid was 12 years old,” he reports.

“He’s become friends with a bunch of guys like Brian Tichy, Eric Singer, Morgan Rose and Tommy Lee through me. When he did his video he was so proud of it. He wrote to all those guys and sent them the video.

“He wrote more of a personal message to Tommy, showing him that it was his old kit, and thanked him for inspiring him. Every one of those guys responded to him but Tommy.

“At that point I just said, ‘I’m done.’ I’m not reaching out to those guys any more. It takes me a little longer to figure things out than most – but I figured that there really is no friendship there.”

He left Motley Crue in 1997 after a five-year stint. The most common version of events was the record label refused to fund the band’s next album unless Neil returned to the fold.

But Corabi – who recently recalled how he put a gun in his mouth after realising he’d lost his job – now says there was more to it: “I was so tired hearing, ‘Vince would do it this way.’ I was just sick of the guys comparing me to the guy that they’d told me for the last five years to not be.

“If you get hired for a job and your boss keeps talking about what great job the other guy, at some point you just say, ‘Fuck you. Go back to that person then.’

“I told them if they wanted Vince and Vince was the fucking answer, maybe they should call him back and work shit out. If not, we should all just shut the fuck up and try and make this work.”

Corabi recently released his debut solo album, Unplugged.

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