Scorpions: Why we turned down Download

The Scorpions rejected an offer to play the Download festival this summer.

Talking to Classic Rock, guitarist Rudolf Schenker explained the band’s decision as being down to two reasons.

“We were asked to play on the first day (June 14), when Slipknot will headline. The problem was that we would have been on the second stage, not the main one. This would have meant us not having the chance to bring over a full stage set, and that isn’t something we were prepared to consider. We’d be cheating the fans, and feel we are worth a bit more than being anywhere other the main stage.

“There was also a financial problem, because what we would have been paid wasn’t very good at all. So we reluctantly turned it down.”

The band recently finished their final world tour. It lasted three years, but didn’t include a single UK show. And nobody it appears is more disappointed than the band.

“We desperately wanted to come over. We love playing in Britain. But again it was a money consideration. Everywhere we go, our fee is really excellent, and that allows us to give a full value show. But in the UK, we get very low offers, the sort we can’t really accept. That’s why we’ve not played there.”

However, there’s the possibility we will get to see the Scorps, who won the Metal Guru Award at the 2011 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour, next year.

“We hope to play a festival in 2014. We have just finished what will certainly be our last tour, but we have never said there won’t be live shows in the future. So, if the opportunity is there we will come over.”

Schenker also confirmed that while 2010’s Sting In The Tail will definitely be their farewell studio album, there will be future releases from the band.

“We are working on a live movie, and we’ve also had a fantastic offer from our record label. I can’t say what this is right now, but if it comes off it will be unique. We have never said we are splitting up, so there’s plenty to come.”

-Classic Rock

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