Pearl Jam, Guns n’Roses, Screaming Trees men form supergroup

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Duff McKagan ex of Guns n’Roses and Barrett Martin ex of the Screaming Trees have formed a supergroup and are currently working on their debut album.

The band hasn’t been named yet, and won’t feature a permanent singer, relying instead on a series of guest appearances.

Drummer Martin is currently with McKagan in Walking Papers, and asked former Mad Season bandmate McCready to appear on their album. That led to a conversation regarding material from Mad Season’s never-finished second album.

He tells Billboard: “Mike and I were putting together this Mad Season collection. Duff and I were starting the Walking Papers album which we’d asked Mike to play on.

“I had a whole bunch of song ideas; Mike had a whole bunch; and Duff had a whole bunch that were not making it into Walking Papers. We decided we’d go into the studio and record them.”

The list of vocalists has not been completed, but McCready says Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke has been consulted.

No release date has been set but Martin reports: “As the different singers finish their songs and turn them in, that will determine when they get put out.”

Meanwhile, McCready will be busy with Pearl Jam’s upcoming album, expected before the end of the year. Mad Season’s only album, Above, is set for reissue soon.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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