SODOM’s New ‘Epitome Of Torture’ Studio Album Released April 29th on SPV / Steamhammer

Seminal German thrash metal trio Sodom, who headline the HammerFest V Festival in Wales on March 16th, are set to unleash their utterly uncompromising, ferociously raging new album, ‘Epitome Of Torture’ on April 29th on Steamhammer / SPV. ‘Epitome Of Torture’, Sodom’s 14th studio album, will be available as a ten track standard jewel case CD, a limited edition digipak CD with two bonus tracks, as a double gatefold coloured vinylalbum with printed inner sleeves, containing three bonus tracks, plus for download.
‘Epitome Of Torture’ is even more driven by Sodom’s notoriously scornful view of the world than ever before: “Unfortunately there’s still plenty of inspiration for angry lyrics around” states vocalist / bassist Tom Angelripper. Commenting on the bitter thrash metal attack of ‘Waterboarding’, which deals with torture methods, he notes “It always surprises me how inventive – in the most negative sense of the word – people can be when it comes to torturing others.” The hard-as-nails ‘Katjuscha’, focusses on the Russian multiple rocket launcher responsible for so much death and destruction; “The Katjuscha has been produced since World War II and is still used today” explains Tom, continuing “It’s been responsible for the death of more people than Stalin’s Organ. To name such a deadly weapon after a girl is as grotesque as giving the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima the code ‘Little Boy’.”

‘Epitome Of Torture’ was once again produced byWaldemar Sorychta (Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced), whose expertise as a sound engineer and audio magician so thoroughly benefitedSodom’s hugely acclaimed last (2010) ‘In War & Pieces’ studio album. “Waldemar is an exceptional producer, who always succeeds in evening out an artist’s weak spot and promoting his strengths. He doesn’t let you get away with anything, which occasionally makes working in the studio a little demanding, but at the end of the day it’s all worthwhile, as the result shows.”

‘Epitome Of Torture’, Sodom’s first studio album recorded with new drummer Markus ‘Makka’ Freiweld, may boast one of Sodom’s toughest numbers in ages, ‘Stigmatized’, but also features “two or three recordings which are slightly more moderate and melodic than what most people have come to expect from us”. Tom is referring to ‘Cannibal’ and ‘Tracing The Victim’, both of which allow guitarist Bernemann to present his impressive musical skills, as well as ‘Into The Skies Of War’ on which Angelripper allowed himself to be inspired by such icons as Motorhead and Tank; “Luckily, it’s impossible to hide my influences.”

‘Epitome Of Torture’s cover artwork, featuring Sodom’s popular ‘Knarrenheinz’ logo, was created by graphic designer Meran Karanitant, who has caused a stir with his work for Six Feet Under, Hatebreed and Dimmu Borgir, among others.


Sodom, a seminal member of the celebrated ‘Teutonic Three’kings of German thrash metal, (alongside Kreator and Destruction), formed in 1982, drawing their inspiration from bands like Motorhead, Anvil and Venom.

Sodom made huge underground waves with their agenda setting self-released “In The Sign Of Evil” EP in 1984. The newly formed Steamhammer / SPV Records label then snapped the band up, released their “Obsessed By Cruelty” album in 1986, and “Persecution Mania” album in 1987 before sending the band out on the road for 18 months to build a live following. 

“Agent Orange”, released in 1989, which grimly depicted the horrors of the brutal Vietnam War, then catapulted Sodom into Thrash Metal’s premier league and they set off on tour round Europe with Sepultura, going on to build up a huge following in Japan and South America. 

Throughout the Nineties, Sodom lost none of their authenticity on albums like 1995’s ‘Masquerade In Blood’ or 1997’s ‘Til Death Do Us Unite’, remaining firmly grounded and never losing touch with their roots. With their 1999 release ‘Code Red’, a title that refers to the US Marines’ infamous punishment code, the trio consisting of Angelripper / Bernemann / Schottkowski proved as politically committed as ever. This tradition was continued in 2001 with an “educational journey” to the Far East, namely two shows in Bangkok and Saigon and the explosive subject matter of their album, ‘M 16’. Subsequently, Sodom embarked on the preparations for their first DVDs, ‘Lords Of Depravity Part I + II’, went on to bring out new studio albums ‘Sodom’ (2006) and most recently ‘In War And Pieces’.

‘In War And Pieces’ won rave reviews worldwide on release in November 2010. Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson raved; “A precise bombardment of dirty, war-like riffing and percussive thud, they prove their finger on the modern metal pulse. Peaking with the heads-down hostility of ‘Knarrenheinz’, these veterans are living proof that thrash is as relevant and exhilarating as it ever was. 8/10” in the January 2011 issue. Powerplay’s Mark Hoaksey proclaimed ‘In War And Pieces’ a ‘Thunderous return to form as the German thrash veterans prove they still have what it takes” in their December 2010 issue.

Now ‘Epitome Of Torture’, a remorseful and vital masterpiece, even more visceral and accomplished than its predecessor, can only elevate Sodom ever higher into the stratosphere of the world’s thrash metal royalty.

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