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313708_499824786736115_574419019_nRecently Rock-Zone UK had a chat with Lord Nelson from legendary rap-metal band Stuck Mojo. We talked about everything from Mojo to his solo project with French rockers Lies, his influences and his favourite shows of all time.

RZUK: So first of all, Lord. Thank you for your time and giving your hardcore UK following a chance to find out what’s in the works with you. With that being said let’s get started. So your new solo album “Fight: My struggle between heaven and hell” with the ridiculously talented band Lies definitely took a lot of us by surprise and really dug the first track you released “Until I Die”. Where did you meet Lies and what’s the story behind you guys making music together? How did that all take place?


Lord Nelson: We met on Stuck Mojo’s Here Comes The Monster Tour in 2010. They were a supporting band for Stuck Mojo. I took the time to speak with them and hang out with them. I always like to make the other bands feel at ease, especially when you are spending so much time together. Sebastian The Lead Guitarist and I hit it off from the start and we chopped it up about working together. After the tour we exchanged contact info and a few weeks after that they asked me to write for a new song they had for their next album. That song turned out to be Until I Die. When Seb sent me the track I loved it immediately and had to do work on it. I then asked Seb to send me more music for my solo project and he started hitting me with pure greatness. We decided to make Until I Die the first cut on my album and add them as the feature. I’m so glad we did. We created an amazing album


RZUK: You’ve done a few shows with Lies here in Europe. What was that experience like as apposed to your live shows with Stuck Mojo?


Lord Nelson: Well we first did a show with Hora Zulu and Somas Cure in Madrid then flew to Paris for the Skindred Gig with Sonic Boom Six. Both shows were great! Nothing like getting Mad Respect from your peers. Awesome! I have always loved The European Fans. You guys are knowledgeable and always ready to have a great time. My solo project has a lot of different musical elements in it so it was a nice roller coaster ride of feelings from hard to melodic, whereas Stuck Mojo comes to punch you in the face. Mojo does have some awesome melodic music too, but that aggressiveness is what we are known for. No matter aggressive or a little laid back I just engulf my mind, body and spirit with the music to give my best performance.


RZUK: Speaking of Mojo. Are there any similarities between working with both them and Lies?


Lord Nelson: Yes! The music is awesome and the vibe is infectious. Rich and Seb are both geniuses. These dudes can play any genre of music with ease. I feel so at home with the talents they have. It’s like God put Rich and Sebs music here to be the foundation for my lyrics. I’m honored


RZUK: What are the chances of bringing either Lies or Mojo to UK soil?


Lord Nelson: It’s all about planning and timing right now. We always want to be out there rocking a stage doing what we love but it must make sense for the bands and the fan base. I will say that we have our management working on it right now though. We love touring in Europe. You Guys ROCK!


RZUK. What are your personal influences for making music. Who do you look up to as a musician?


Lord Nelson: I’m a Military Brat and I grew up listening to all genres of music. I’m not a genre snob. I take pride in that. It allows me to enjoy a lot of music, so my influences are vast. As for who I look up to, I simply love music and if you make music that I believe is good you are good with me. Superstar or Rising Star. Mainstream or Underground.


RZUK: In your whole career what have your most memorable gigs?


Lord Nelson: My first show with Stuck Mojo in Macon, Georgia. In Hungary on the A38 ship. The Underworld in Camden. Every show with Volbeat. They were all sellouts. With Full Force Festival. Reload Festival. Eier Mit Speck Festival might be my very favorite. I felt so good that performance. I felt like I could have performed all night long. Honestly every gig has been memorable for me because I got to party with people who are feeling what I’m doing and that is truly an Awesome feeling.


RZUK: What would you like to say to your UK fans?


Lord Nelson:  Since I first joined Stuck Mojo The U.K. has embraced Lord Nelson even though I was stepping in for someone they cherished and loved. Sure there were and are some that still don’t feel me because of this but it’s all love with me. I just have the utmost respect for all of you who gave me the chance to bring what I do to the table. It has been a lot of you and I thank you for it. I feel when I touch down in The U.K. I’m at home. I salute you for your support of Stuck mojo and for Lord Nelson Featuring Lies. Cheers!


RZUK: And finally can you plug your album so the people know where to go?


Lord Nelson: The album is titled Fight! My Struggle Between Heaven And Hell Featuring Lies

Official Website www.LordNelsonFeatLies.com



Twitter: @LordNNation


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNRZgLzvurs  Until I Die Video

Lord Nelson Fight (feat. Lies) on iTunes and Amazon.com

Interview By Ryan O’Sullivan For Rock Zone UK

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