Drowning Pool’s Stevie Benton Talks New Singer, ‘Resilience’ Album, Touring With Flyleaf + More

Drowning-Pool-4Drowning Pool are on the road in support of their new album, ‘Resilience,’ as they finish up a co-headlining U.S. tour with Flyleaf. The trek marks Drowning Pool’s first full-fledged jaunt with new singer Jason Moreno.

At the New York City stop of the tour, Loudwire had the opportunity to speak with Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton, who discussed the addition of Moreno, while also talking about the new album, ‘Resilience’ (due April 9), the band’s tour with Flyleaf and the legacy of their signature tune ‘Bodies.’

How did the tour with Flyleaf come about?

Going into it we didn’t really know what to expect, even though we’ve known Flyleaf for quite a while and they’re from the same neck of the woods as us I don’t think anyone would have really thought of us as being tour compatible. Maybe we’re the same genre but not the closest in musical taste but it worked out great – I think our fans dig them and vice versa, at least I hope so. They’re just the nicest people in the world, so it’s just a blast being on tour and hanging out with them – it’s going to end way sooner than I would like, I assure you that.

It’s interesting that both bands have new vocalists, making for a very unique aspect of this tour.

I think that’s it, it’s a unique aspect is that all the crowds coming out and the shows have been selling amazingly well and they’re coming in such a welcoming fashion, with open arms — having to accept new lead singers in both bands. I think it’s a testament to the ability of both new singers, to come in and be able to be that frontperson and take over a room and take over a crowd.

Neither Jason [Moreno] nor Kristen [May] — you never see them get up there one night and muddle through it – they’re both up there on fire and happy to do it and I think that just feeds the energy of the crowd. Even if you walk in the door doubting, I think you walk out completely won over by them.

The new album is called ‘Resilience.’ What does that title mean to you?

We were really searching for a while for a title that explains where we are now, what we’ve been through, but also didn’t turn its back on the past. ‘Resilience’ to me, it makes you look back on everything, everything you’ve been through and then finally focus on the point where you are now. Luckily for us we don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s nothing bad that could ever happen to this band that hasn’t already happened, that we haven’t already been through. You read stuff about bands having struggles and breaking up all the time but for us that’s just small stuff.

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