Tigertailz drummer quits over ‘bloody mess’

aceFInchumTigertailz drummer Ace Finchum has quit the band for a second time, calling its setup a “bloody mess.”

And that’s led sole remaining founding member Jay Pepper to state he’ll never allow Finchum or Kim Hooker to return.

The drummer, who also plays with Marseille, says: “I have decided to leave Tigertailz as it was a bloody mess and being dragged through the mud, and enough was enough for me. My days of answering to tyrants and given ultimatums had to end – so it has.”

He further cites court paperwork that shocked him because he’d never been told how many copies the band’s 1990 album Bezerk sold. He says his full story will appear in his “soon to be published” book.

The Welsh outfit have also lost bassist Jason Sims after deciding to cut down to a four-piece lineup.

Guitarist Pepper says in his own statement: “Very sorry to part ways with Jason – we wish him all the very best. Ace emailed to say he was leaving the band citing reasons such as money, songs, blah blah blah.

“And that he preferred to play with Marseille as they give him a room at a Premier Inn! Whatever next? Who knows.

“I will continue to release product and merch and try and keep the name alive and we’ll see where that takes us.

“But one thing’s for sure: there will be no Tigertailz reunion. I can say with my hand on my heart I will never play in a band with Ace or Kim ever again. Those relationships are over forever for me.”

Pepper is working on the release of The Shoe Collector, a movie made by late bassist Pepsi Tate, and a box set containing over 130 Tigertailz tracks.

He says: “I’m looking to the future, but won’t spend one more second wiping people’s arses and pushing water up a hill – only to be then punched in the face for all my efforts.

“Isn’t it funny: the people who cause the most grief are the people who contribute the least?”

The Welsh glam band reunited in 2005, releasing Bezerk 2.0 the following year. Their follow-up Thrill Pistol was launched in 2007, just a month before bassist Pepsi Tate died of cancer. They lived through a series of lineup changes with classic-era frontman Hooker departing in 2012.

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