Bill Wyman Turned Down Touring America With the Rolling Stones

Bill-WymanFormer Rolling Stone Bill Wyman seems peeved that his time on stage with his former bandmates last fall was capped to five minutes. He played two songs at both London gigs and was then asked to tour America with the band. “I said for two songs? No thank you.”

Wyman spoke with the Express about the brief reunion with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and company and made it clear he’s not interested in coming back full or part time. While he says he and his former bandmates are on good terms, he sounds bitter about how things went down.

“Keith in particular made me think that I would be a large part of it but when it came to it they told me they only wanted me to do two songs,” Wyman says. “It was fun but I regretted not playing more. I was a bass guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, I have to be on the button from the moment Charlie [Watts] does that first drum roll.”

“I came off just as I was warming up and getting into it.”

Wyman is releasing ‘Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook’ today. It’s described as a retrospective on his life, including many letters, photographs and other paraphernalia he has collected over the years. He says he has a warehouse full of memorabilia – likely worth millions – from his entire life that he is to unique to appraise.

The 76-year-old is far from retired, staying busy with three teenage daughters and the Sticky Fingers restaurant he owns in London. He’s also an avid photographer.

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