Alice In Chains: We don’t wanna know what f***in’ sandwich you ate at the airport, man!

aliceinchainsThe resurrected Alice In Chains have mounted a savage attack on the state of the modern-day music industry.

In an interview in the upcoming new issue of Classic Rock, the band reveal there’s a lot of stuff they don’t like about the biz. Like the internet. And downloading. And Twitter. And whole lot more besides…

“I don’t like a whole lot of it, no,” says mainman Jerry Cantrell. “I think the thing that’s most disappointing to me is that now, what you do is worth less than nothing. It’s been reduced to a game show.

“And somehow, something you’ve worked on and poured your soul into, and invested your money in, somehow it’s no longer deemed valuable. That’s fucked up, to me. I can’t go to the gas station and take the gas for free – I’d go to jail. But somehow it’s okay to take my thing for free.”

“It really sucks, because there’s probably a 12-year‑old kid out there who could be the next Kurt Cobain, but he’s never going to get the chance to be heard because there’s no future or money in making music any more,” adds bass player Mike Inez. “I’m worried about the next generation. Where’s the art gonna come from?”

“And now it’s okay for music to be this little file that doesn’t even sound good,” Cantrell adds. “And it’s okay for people to go on stage and fucking fake the songs. They don’t want the real thing, they don’t want the bad notes, they don’t want somebody who can go up there and sing their own songs, they just want somebody that can do the fucking flashy dance moves.

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