ANTROPOMORPHIA release brand new video clip for ‘Debauchery In Putrefaction’!

antropomorphia-debaucheryAfter having released their first ever videoclip for the song Psuchagogia in late 2012,AntropomorphiA return to the front with the second videoclip from the acclaimed albumEvangelivm Nekromantia.

The videoclip for the song Debauchery In Putrefaction can be viewed from today here:


With an album banning heading over their heads, the easiest road for the band to proceed with the project of a new videoclip would have been by providing the criticasters with exactly what they want: An overdose of gore balancing in between art and kitsch, stirring things up just the right amount. Instead, the band chose to take a different approach. Opposed to a gore obsessed videoclip, which would have been too easy, it was decided to leave a respectable amount of room for people’s own imagination. Interesting to know what the very same criticasters would make of this in their own minds. AntropomorphiA once again worked with Maurice Swinkels for this videoclip.

Vocalist/guitarist Ferry comments: “‘Evangelivm Nekromantia’ transcends further and represents much more than what critics call a gore based story, so to us the logical continuation to portray that story is one with a more darker view.”

AntropomorphiA will be performing on Neurotic Deathfest 2013 and Extremefest 2013 in May. More live appearances will be announced in given time.

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