Cut Yourself In Half – Mekkanizm CD Review

CYIH-Front-1400-x-1400-e1363715074963Released 29th April, Cut Yourself In Half’s new album, ‘Mekkanizm’ is not for the fair-weather rock fan…you have been warned! On first play I wasn’t sure if I even liked this heavy, grinding band that I hadn’t heard of before… on second play I made up my mind that F*** yeah! I do!

MEKKANIZM is the debut album from Cut Yourself In Half, the latest batch of Yorkshire riff merchants, and frankly these four guys are a metal machine of quite ferocious proportions. Hailing from Bradford, they’ve been honing their chops for the last year, since releasing their download only debut for NHS ‘Say Goodbye ToThe World’.

Opening track, ‘Little Misadventure’ gives us a taste of things to come with a hugely loud and intense sound (I actually had to turn the speakers down…and that doesn’t happen often in this house!)
‘Viracocha’ has a massive Marilyn Mason feel to it, only heavier and grittier. While other tracks, such as ‘Spider Legs’ reminds me of old Faith No More with the volume cranked up of course!
Considering I had already made up my mind that these guys were going to be waaaaay over my head before I’d even listened to it, it took just 2 runs to change my mind completely! It will most definitely be on my play list from now on!
Find out more about Cut Yourself In Half at the following link:

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MEKKANIZM will be unleashed on April 29th.

Cut Yourself In Half are George Quinn guitar and vocals, Mikey Feather guitar, Jonny Newell on drums and Stefan Wilton on bass.


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