Adler back in rehab

adlerFormer Guns n’Roses drummer Steven Adler has returned to rehab, forcing his band to postpone their touring plans.

Adler singer Jacob Bunton has released a statement saying: “We are truly sorry to all of the fans and promoters who were looking forward to seeing us on the road, but right now Steven’s health is the most important thing. We hope to make it up to everyone when Steven recovers.”

Adler has been fighting addiction issues since the 1980s and lost his job with Axl Rose’s outfit in 1990 due to his inability to control his drinking and drug-taking.

In January he said the release of new album Back From The Dead, and the positive reviews for Adler’s live shows, meant his drug problems were behind him.

He reported: “The only revenge I wanted on that whole situation was success. I didn’t want vengeance – I didn’t want to hurt anybody – but I wanted to make a great record because, I think success is the greatest revenge.”

In 2008 he appeared on reality TV show Celebrity Rehab. Last year he voiced his support of such shows, saying: “Having the treatment on TV made it easier because the camera doesn’t lie. You try to bullshit your way out of things, but then you watch yourself on camera and you see the truth.

“When you’re doing drugs you think you’re ten feet tall and beautiful. But you can’t be in denial when there’s a camera in your face.”

-Classic Rock

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