INTERVIEW: Cut Yourself In Half

734063_484016631639647_1225044965_nBradford metal band Cut Yourself In Half were trapped in a van when they got our questions yesterday so there was no escape! Thanks to Stefan from the band  for telling us all about blowing out amps and testing cakes for a living! (Jealous!)

Why the name Cut Yourself In Half? Where did that come from?

This came about from a discussion we had around how one would cut themselves in half. Generally at band practice we talk a load of rubbish when we are not writing. Ha. From that we thought about calling the band “How to Cut Yourself in Half” but thought this may be a little too long so we just shortened it.

If you had to describe your music in three words what would those words be?

Riffs, Carnage, Fun

Who are your musical influences?

This one is going to be a tough one as this differs between band members but the ones that certainly stick would be Q.O.T.S.A, Every Time I Die, Hawk Eyes and Deftones. I think these are the ones you can definitely hear in our music but for sure there are influences that you may not be able to hear. We are all massive fans of Radiohead, Nirvana etc. Our drummer comes from a hip-hop background which you wouldn’t necessarily hear in our music.

Best gig you’ve ever played?

Last year we played a Halloween special in our hometown of Bradford, we played in a cellar bar that hosted around 100 people. Safe to say it was quite brutal in there. I don’t think any of us expected the turn out or reception we got. It turned in to a sweat bath of Bradfordians. A beautiful site for any onlooker.

Best gig you’ve ever attended as a fan?

This list is endless as most of us attend a lot of gigs and I suppose different gigs are brilliant for different reason. I have to say for pure sound and show it’s a toss up between Rammstein in Nottingham last and Muse at Manchester Cricket Ground the year before that. This is not to say some smaller gigs cannot be amazing. Eighties Matchbox early gigs back in 2003/4 at the Cockpit were always brilliant to attend.

Who would you like to be a supporting act for?

Queens of the Stone Age would top the list for me. I think any of us would see this as a dream support slot and I would say most bands in our genre would say the same thing. So if Josh is reading this and he fancies taking a band on tour with him, we are well up for it.

What’s the strangest/craziest thing to happen to you on stage?

We have a habit of blowing amps up. In fact our guitarist has gone through 7 amps already this year. Not a good sign I know. But last week we went too far we blew the bass amp and guitar amp up before the end of the first song. Not something that happens everyday. We ended up going with with a one guitar set up and the bass straight in to the P.A. This wasn’t ideal but allowed our front man to deliver his insanity without a guitar in his hands.

What is the best thing about being in a band?

There is nothing like getting together with bands members and having a riff out. This usually with a couple of beers. One of the other more special things about being in a band is meeting new people. Playing gigs around the country is a perfect way to meet new people who usually share the same love of music.

What’s the worst thing about being in a band?

This one is easy. Packing down your gear after a gig. Any roadies out there are more than welcome to get in touch. 🙂

What previous jobs have you done?

I once got paid to test cakes and buns. This is a serious job. Whilst in college I applied to an agency for the 6 week break, when they sent me to a cake factory I had images of packing and sweeping, I didn’t think I would last a day. When I arrived at the place it was decided that my role would be to taste each batch of cake mixture before it went in to production, Ha. Landed on my feet with that one.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Getting together with the band and working on new sounds and new grooves is a big part of all of our spare time, as well as attending various public houses across Leeds and Bradford either for gigs or to take part in a little drinking.

Career-wise where would you like to be one year from now?

We would all love to be on the festival circuit next summer. We just missed out this year with our album not been released till very late April. Fingers crossed for next year. This would be our main goal but to be honest a good main support slot with a touring band would be great. I know the summer is ideal but we are used to winter in the north of England so we would happily take any time of year.

Thanks Stefan!

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