Motley Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx Partners With Leica Camera for Photography Series

Nikki-Sixx2Nikki Sixx is a man of many passions — music, radio host, writing and in recent years photography. The Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist has increasingly shared his photographic exploits over the years and he’s now partnered with Leica Camera to shoot photos for a two-part interview and photography series.

The first part, titled ‘One Step Up From the Abyss,’ is currently available for viewing online here. The photos from this portion were taken by Sixx during Motley Crue’s Canadian tour, but they’re not featuring the band. Instead, Sixx chose subjects from the streets of the cities and spoke specifically about the interactions with each of the people he encountered.

Speaking about his photography, Sixx carries the same passion toward it that he does about making music and he’s ready to defend his work. He told in the interview, “I have an idea and it doesn’t matter to me how it resonates with people. A lot of people say things about my photography that they said about music. There is a little smirk that happens. But I go, “Well you were wrong once and you’ll probably be wrong again.”

The bassist, talking about his transition to photography, revealed, “You hit a place where you go all the way back and reflect on your life. I’m 54 years old; I have more years behind me than there will be in front of me. You hit a place where you want to reflect; maybe it happens sometime in your 40s. I’m a father of four and a recovering heroin addict. I’ve been doing all this creative stuff, not for money, but for passion. Sometimes it does turn into money and I’m able to support my family and continue to be an artist. That is why I always support other people to become successful artists. I say, ‘That’s beautiful. If you’ve done it once you can do it again.’ You can keep doing it. We all benefit from it. If you are a fan of a photographer or painter or musician, you can benefit if they can be successful.”

To check out Sixx’s photos shot with the Leica Camera and his blog on the photography, click here.


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