Fleetwood Mac don’t talk about love

fleetwood-mac-band-imageMick Fleetwood admits Fleetwood Mac try not to discuss the internal affairs which have rocked the band in the past – including his own affair with Lindsay Buckingham’s ex Stevie Nicks.

But he says it’s wrong to assume the four members don’t like each other.

Fleetwood tells CBS Local: “The misconception is that we don’t like each other. We do. We actually love each other.” He adds: “It’s just the co-existing from time to time has been incredibly hard.

“Stevie pretty much remained, even though we had a love affair. We managed to get through it – and that’s not often spoken about. Obviously it’s more pointed for Stevie and Lindsay; these are two people who fell in love with one another when they were 16 years old.”

The band are back together again, touring the world, and earlier this month released a four-track EP containing their first new music in ten years.

Fleetwood says: “We’re not just a bunch of businessmen that decide to do this. When we do this, we have to be emotionally equipped to do it.”

The drummer says he has “an incredible amount of gratitude” that he’s still around, never mind remaining with the band he co-founded. And he’s amazed that Mac have “managed to sustain this strange work ethic through all of these bits and pieces.”

Meanwhile, Buckingham says there’s more music to come, and that they recorded eight tracks during the sessions that spawned the EP. “It’s safe to say that there are more than these four songs that you’re going to hear,” he says. “It’s just a question of how and when.”

Fleetwood Mac UK tour
Sep 20: Dublin O2
Sep 24: London O2 Arena
Sep 29: Birmingham LG Arena
Oct 1: Manchester Arena
Oct 3: Glasgow Hydro

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