Bennington to stick with STP

stpBennington (1)Stone Temple Pilots plan to write more music and play more shows with Chester Bennington in place of Scott Weiland.

The band surprised fans at the weekend by appearing on stage in Los Angeles with the Linkin Park singer at the front. They performed a set of classics and also delivered new track Out Of Time, which can be heard below.

Both parties made it clear that Bennington wasn’t leaving Linkin Park – but now the vocalist has confirmed there’s more to come from his STP collaboration.

He tells KROQ: “We couldn’t really plan a tour because we couldn’t let people know what was going on. Now the cat’s out of the bad we’re going to go out, make more music, play more shows and have some fun.”

Bennington continues: “Every band has its own vibe. Stone Temple Pilots has this sexier, more classic rock feel to it; Linkin Park is a very modern, tech-heavy band. I grew up listening to these guys – when the opportunity came up it was a no-brainer.”

Speaking of his first show with the band he says: “I got to use my voice. I got to sing and show my range a little bit. I still got to throw a little scream in here and there, but it’s so different.”

Meanwhile, Weiland – who was fired by STP in February, although he denies it – is touring with his solo band The Wildabouts, performing a set mainly consisting of STP tracks.

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