Steve Hyams RIP

steve-hyamsSteve Hyams, who worked briefly with Mott The Hoople as frontman/rhythm guitarist, has passed away aged 62 after battling heart problems for several years.

Hyams joined his first group, Dolls House, in 1971, then went on to become a member of the Samuel Prody Band with Canadian guitarist Bruce Irvine. In 1974 he worked on a solo LP, Mistaken Identities, in America with Wings drummer Denny Seiwell and producer Elliott Mazer then re-recorded the album in England.

Hyams cut six tracks with Mott in 1977, later released as World Cruise. His second solo album, Feather And A Tomahawk, was issued in 1997 and his song I Fall Over, I Fall Down was recorded by Marianne Faithfull. He also fronted the Dig Band and the Steve Hyams Band.

Mott mainman Ian Hunter recalled: “Steve Hyams worked in a record store on the Kings Road – the Chelsea Drug Store – when Mott The Hoople started in 1969. We soon found him to be an astute listener and his taste was faultless. Later on, he got into music and he’s done some seriously good stuff. I would have been really happy if Steve would have taken my place after Mott The Hoople finished in 1974. He was unique. Steve’s one that got away.”

Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople biographer Campbell Devine commented: “Steve was a tremendously talented writer and musician. He was also passionate, humorous and sensitive – a very charming and thoughtful man.”

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