GWAR Front-Thing Oderus Urungus Goes on Twitter Rant About As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis

GWAR Video Shoot In Times SquareIntergalactic vocalist Oderus Urungus loves to push the limit with his character. The GWAR front-thing enjoys killing celebrities and other public figures onstage, prominently waving around his giant ‘cuttlefish’ and brutally lashing out at whoever he pleases with no filter whatsoever. In the alien’s latest rant, Oderus took aim at As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis.

Lambesis is currently facing serious charges for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to murder the singer’s ex-wife. After three weeks of incarceration, Lambesis successfully posted bail yesterday (May 30). The AILD vocalist is now out of jail, but is required to wear a GPS tracking device and is prohibited to see his estranged wife and the couple’s three adopted children. Lambesis will return to court on June 26.

In reaction to Lambesis making bail, Oderus Urungus tweeted a slew of rants which are far from politically correct, especially the tweet concerning Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, but once again, it’s Oderus’ schtick:

Congratulations to label-mate and cut MF for making bail bro! Now get out there and hire some people to chop us some bitches.
As far as the tracker-bracelet, I advocate getting one of similar size on the other leg. #timlambesis
However, if the tracker is the latest model, made specifically for celebrities, then it’s practically weightless. Comfy, even. #timlambesis
Then again, you sing for a metal band, so you might not get celebrity status, except with metal fans. #timlambsis You’ve got the old model.
It weighs about eight pounds and is uncomfortable AS SHIT. Plus it hums and shocks. #timlambesis
C’mon Tim, whats the matter? At least in #Richmond when we get charged with killing someone, we actually do it. #randyblythe
Bad thing : Tim can’t leave San Diego except to visit lawyer. Good thing : Lawyer lives in Pago-Pago  #timlambesis
I must admit I began to worry about #timlambesis when he changed his Twitter pic to one of his rippling back muscles.
It may be hard to believe, but these aren’t even all of Oderus’ tweets about Lambesis. Check out the front-thing’s Twitter page to keep up with the insanity.

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