Halford: Priest Will Tour Again

964720-rob_halford_1_largeRob Halford has spelled out that Judas Priest will tour again. The band announced in 2011 that their Epitaph world trek would be their last following the departure of guitarist KK Downing – but the addition of new man Richie Faulkner made them think again.

Halford says: “It’s turned out not to be the final world tour. Since Richie came on board we realised there were more opportunities opening up.” Priest’s touring format will change, he adds: “For example, we’re going to do a European tour for about a month or two, then instead of jumping in a plane to start an American tour we’re going to pull back. It’s no different than sports athletes; Michael Jordon wasn’t going out on the court as much when he was getting older. But when he went out he could get it in the hoop. It’s not the end of touring – we’re still going to be out there.”

– Classic Rock

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