Furay fears Buffalo Springfield is over

richieFurayRichie Furay thinks there’s no chance of Buffalo Springfield keeping their reunion promises – and he rues the way he was “stuck out there” as spokesman for a tour that never happened.

Surviving members Neil Young, Steven Stills and Furay got together for a charity show in 2010, leading to six more appearances the following year, including a memorable set at the Bonnaroo festival.

Soon afterwards they announced plans for a 30-date trek across the US during 2012 – but Young changed his mind, saying: “I’d be on a tour of my past for the rest of fucking time, which I can’t do.”

Two years on, Furay tells SoundPress.net: “It’s just typical of the way things unfolded with the Springfields way back in the 60s. Not much has changed.

“We were all looking forward to doing it, and it didn’t happen. I was kind of stuck out there as the spokesman – if anything happened again I would take a look at how far out there I’m going to go as a spokesman. I don’t think it ever will again now; but I’ll never say never.”

Despite the disappointment Furay says some good came of the experience. “It gave me an opportunity to get back into the studio because I started writing songs during that period of time. My CD’s not going to be as profitable as having songs on a Buffalo Springfield recording, but nevertheless there they were, and so I’ll thank Neil for that.”

Furay, who formed Poco after Buffalo Springfield split in 1968, accepts Young and Stills went on to much bigger and better things. But he reflects: “We each chose our paths. I was focused on my family, and I’m really glad I made the choices I made. My life is really solid; I have a great family – and I still get to come out and play music. I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Watching the recent Eagles documentary was confirmation he’d made the right move, he reflects. “I looked at that and said, ‘If I had to do what they did to make it… I could never have done that.’ My heart wasn’t in that place to make the sacrifices those guys made. I’ve got no regrets.”

Stills last year said Young’s decision to walk out of the tour left him a financial wreck, and only the intervention of long-time collaborators David Crosby and Graham Nash averted a personal disaster.

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