Nikki Sixx Mourns Death Of Mother

Nikki-Sixx6Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx‘s mother Deana Richards passed away , June 8, at the age of 74. The musician announced the news via a simple tweet that reads ‘RIP Mom 5-5 1939 to 6-8 2013.’ No further details are known about her passing at this time.

Prior to tweeting about his mother’s death, Sixx had posted a message on Facebook that now takes on a deeper meaning with the news of his mom’s passing: “Writing a beautiful song about regret…..Pain always serves up the most brutal truth. I cannot see a ray of sunshine and not find the beauty in the inevitable rain cloud coming in behind it…I have made mistakes….Do lyrics and melody really make up for lost time? THE SAYING “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” WORKS BOTH WAYS…”

A few days prior, Sixx talked about taking a break from touring this summer and spending quality time with his family and friends. That message read as follows:


Don’t get me wrong, I love being in a band but we’ve been touring so much for the past few years i just am over it. I cant be 100% creative when I am being rattled around in a bus month after month constantly being interrupted 20 times a day then add on the 1000′s of miles of road between the 90 minutes sets when you get to really do what you love “Play music”

I will never take what I do for granted and I’m not complaining as much as saying F— YEAH to having this summer off to just be me and write music….

Welcome to summer everybody…….

Ps For my vacation I still do photography, I am recording with Sixx Am, I am working on the Heroin Diaries Broadway play,the Dirt movie and do my daily radio show…

Damn maybe actually need a real vacation…”

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