Warwick’s BSR studio terror

rickyWarwickBlack Star Riders frontman Ricky Warwick admits recording their debut album started as a “terrifying” experience.

The Thin Lizzy offshoot outfit have received general acclaim for All Hell Breaks Loose, released last month and produced by Kevin Shirley.

Guitarist Scott Gorham recently admitted the tracking of 12 songs in 12 days was something was a “pressurised situation” that he wasn’t sure he’d like to repeat – although he enjoyed it.

Now Warwick has shared similar sentiments. He tells Jam: “We recorded the album in 12 days and mixed it in five. Kevin said, ‘You guys really have it; there’s nothing I really want to change. It’s all there.If you want to make an old-school, raw, big-sounding record, we’re going to have to do it old-school. That means you guys have to stand in a room, set up and look at each other. You just play and I’ll hit record.’”

As a result, the singer found himself without the use of a vocal booth. “At first it was terrifying,” he recalls. “All the singing you hear on the record is me belting it out while I played with the band.

“I’ve never recorded an album that quickly. We thought about each take but Kevin said, ‘No, it’s done.’ When we listened back the recording just sounded so good. It gave us so much confidence – we said, ‘This is going to be great; we can do this.’ And we flew through the recording process from there.

“Kevin was great at capturing the right vibe, attitude and performance. It’s just five guys knowing the songs they’re going to record, walking into the studio and playing their hearts out.”

The Irishman insists BSR are in for the long haul, with more recording sessions an important part of the plan. “Kevin captured an energy and attitude that does not sound like anyone else,” he says. “Yes, we have a connection to Thin Lizzy – but I do think we have a unique sound, which I really love and I don’t see the point of changing that.

“I like to think we’ll keep recording the best songs we can, keep the sound that we have and try to develop it even more.”

BSR play the Download festival this weekend.

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