Blackmore’s better being less black

blackmoreRitchie Blackmore writes better songs now he’s not influenced by negative energy, says wife Candice Night.

She believes the former Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist turned away from those influences when he formed Blackmore’s Night with her – and she thinks he’s never looked back.

Night tells Prime Time Russia: “He got incredible inspiration from darker places, and I would never criticise him for his ways at that point.

“But for me, caring about him on a personal level, I love to look over and see him smiling on stage, getting inspiration from a positive place. I think that’s so much more healing and healthy.

“I think he’s writing incredible songs and playing better now than ever before. I’m happier seeing him happier, so it works in a cycle.”

Blackmore says of his wife: “She stopped me looking out of the window.” But not for too long, apparently – he also explains: “They used to complain at school that I looked out of the window for long periods of time. That sums up my life – I like to look out the window, do nothing, daydream. And this is the perfect vehicle to do that.”

And those darker influences are perhaps still present. “I think a lot about death more than life, because we’re going towards death.” he says. “Death is going to happen to most of us – most, not all. Some of us might get away with it, which is what Bob Dylan said.”

That leads Blackmore to recall the moment he met the American folk-rock icon: “Bob Dylan came up to me once and said: ‘Hey… who the hell are you?’ I admired him for that.

“I just walked away with my head down and continued to look out of the window. He was looking out of the window a lot too. I think it’s important. People don’t do it enough any more; they’re too busy having a contraption in their hand. They walk across streets pressing buttons and sending emails. Then a car runs them over and they wonder why.”

-Classic Rock

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