Weiland not angry at Bennington

scottWeilandScott Weiland insists he holds no grudge against Chester Bennington for replacing him in Stone Temple Pilots.

STP fired their original frontman earlier this year, and later sued him. In May they unveiled their first track with Linkin Park’s Bennington on vocals, and they’re now gearing up for the release of an EP alongside a US tour.

But Weiland – who returned to STP after being fired by Velvet Revolver in 2008 – says he has no problem with his replacement.

Blabbermouth reports him saying: “I’ve known Chester for a long time. I got to be pretty close to him on the Family Values tour. I don’t think Chester did it in a spiteful way.”

He does hint that he’s less happy with former bandmates Dean and Robert DeLeo, reporting: “The brothers DeLeo… they can be very persuasive.”

Robert recently said of STP’s decision to get rid of Weiland: “You get to a point in your life where your BS meter starts running down to a certain tolerance. It wasn’t just a musical decision, or a business decision; it was a quality of life decision, and that’s really what it’s about.”

Dean last month told how easy it was to persuade Bennington to sign up – and how he later discovered the vocalist had predicted the move nine years ago. Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan commented that Weiland’s second sacking could have been seen coming.

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