Reckless Love – “Spirit”

There are times when doing this reviewing lark that you get a complete shock. Sometimes the shock is not for the best (“What About Now”, anyone? I bought that so you didn’t have to!) and then you have weekends when something drops into your lap that just lights a fire. Yesterday was a case in point. Whilst travelling about being a bit of a media slut (auditions, don’tcha know!) I got a message asking if I would like to interview Olli Herman from Reckless Love….of course, I said, it would be a pleasure. Then I realised that I had also been given access to their forthcoming new album, “Spirit”, this week so, in went the earphones, on went the laptop and….

Reckless Love-Spirit

Opening with lead single “Night on Fire” is a statement of intent. Blending some hypnotic, voodoo drums and turning some almost tribal chants into archetypal 80s “Whoa, whoa” is just going to grab you. Sounding so catchy that this track should be heard on EVERY radio in the world during the Summer – yes, ESPECIALLY Top 40 stations….although they might balk at the, gulp, guitar solo (to say nothing of the rock band image rather than the more typical look of One Dimensional, Not Wanted and the like!).

Watch the “Night on Fire” video here

“Bad Lovin'” follows with more of those hit making tricks from the time when rock ruled the airwaves (“Na, Na, Na” this time) and, yep, you’ve guessed it – sounds very much about , well, erm…sex. Even allowing a little equality and diversity to shine through, the guys make their point very clearly.

Then comes my favourite – “I Love Heavy Metal”. I’ll be honest, it shouldn’t work – lyrically mashing together 80s song titles and name checking all the great bands from back in the day. Yet it does because it is delivered with a passion that transcends the possibility of it being a mickey take. Some will point at this being the proof that that the band are more in the joke/comedy band category – but they will be missing the point completely. This song exemplifies all that is what rock ‘n’ roll is all about, why we love it and why it is supposed to be a joy that makes us smile.

Track four, “Favorite Flavor” follows the theme – upbeat and joyous. Surely this is what all bands should be delivering? Even “Edge of Our Dreams”, one of only two tracks that could be classed as ballads (the other being, penultimate track “Hot Rain”) keeps going with the positive vibe. Then we get back to more of the main themes running through the album –  “Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love”. “Metal Ass” and the other tracks just keep the party alive.

Negative aspects? None…this record gives and keeps on giving. If you don’t like the likes of Leppard, Crue, WASP, etc, etc then you won’t like this. However, if you have ever thought those bands were good “Spirit” proves that Reckless Love have what those bands had and then some.

A truly awesome album. The first listen will make you smile from ear to ear – and the next listens just make that grin grow wider and wider. This why we do this….I wish all bands could produce the sense of fun and enjoyment that is clear for all to hear. This record should become an addition to those classics of the 80s….they deserve it and you must buy it! 12 tracks of unashamed joyful abandon that scream to be played LOUD!

“Spirit” is released on 2nd September 2013 via Spinefarm Records.

Reckless Love-Spirit 1

Track Listing:

Night on Fire
Bad Lovin’
I Love Heavy Metal
Favorite Flavor
Edge of Our Dreams
Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love
Dying to Live
Metal Ass
Runaway Love
So Happy I Could Die
Hot Rain
Die Hard

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