Richie Sambora Leaves Bon Jovi After 30 Years

1377264897_jon-bon-jovi-richie-sambora-tico-torres-david-bryan-lgIt’s finally over! After a lot of speculation USmagazine has reported that Sambora is now officially out of Bon Jovi! After not appearing on the on going ‘Because We Can’ tour in recent months rumours were rife about the reasoning behind the guitarist’s absence, some said it was a financial rift between Sambora and front man Jon Bon Jovi while other claimed Richie had fallen off the wagon and was once again battling his ‘demons’; a rumour that Richie himself was very quick to deny!
The first signs were after their show in Calgary ran 45 minutes late it was reported that Jon Bon Jovi told fans: “Richie Sambora won’t be performing for a while. I had two choices – pack up and go home or give you everything I got.” While a band press statement at that time explained the guitarist has “personal issues” and as a result will not appear. They did add: “All shows will go on as scheduled.” So, was he pushed or did he jump? I’m hopeful that Richie will reveal all to curious fans in the coming weeks. Meanwhile the guitarists’ last solo Album is getting rave reviews (especially from us!) and here’s to many more where that came from!gty_richie_sambora_nt_120926_wblog

Bon Jovi will never be Bon Jovi again in my opinion it’s over but, as long as Richie keeps releasing his solo projects I won’t be complaining!

Good luck Richie!


Review of Richie’s latest Album, ‘Aftermath Of The Lowdown’ can be founnd HERE

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