Jett ‘could be wrong’ about Runaways reunion

cherieCurrieCherie Currie thinks Joan Jett could be wrong about refusing to take part in a Runaways reunion.

But now that she’s recorded a track with fellow ex-bandmate Lita Ford, she’s hoping there’s a chance that at least those two could work together again.

Relations have thawed between the Runaways in recent years, leading to hopes the surviving members might get back together. But Jett recently said she couldn’t see the point, adding: “the downside is bigger than the up side.”

Now Currie tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “Lita and I have talked a lot about a reunion, then of the blue Lita asked me to record this Christmas single she wrote called Rock this Christmas Down.

“I flew in after some shows, stepped off the plane and went straight to the studio to record this duet. It was one of the best days of my life, working with her again.

“Then we saw an article where Joan shoots down the possibility of a reunion. Is it disappointing? Sure it is. The most nagging part will be: what if she was wrong and it would have been a great time for us all? Since she won’t give it a chance, that’s the hard part.”

Currie remains frustrated that her solo album remains unreleased after three years, recently admitting she’d all but given up hope of seeing it launched.

She says: “Billy Corgan wrote a duet. Slash, Duff McKagan, Brody Dale, the Veronicas and even Juliette Lewis contributed to the album. Matt Sorum, the producer, worked his ass off and he did a brilliant job.

“I have been told windows of dates but at this point I don’t know. I’ve been very disappointed as time has ticked by. Everybody loses if this album doesn’t come out.”

Meanwhile, she’s looking to the possibility of working further with Ford, after she supported Jett in 2010. “When I opened for Joan it was an amazing night,” she recalls. “I would love to do something like that with Lita. Who knows – we could do some Runaways songs together.

“Lita and I feel the same way: you only live once. Get out there, give the fans what they want. What’s the big deal?”


-Classic Rock

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