Macca joke taken seriously over firing fear

mccartneyPaul McCartney made a joke about banning people from using Facebook while they worked on his new video – but producers took it seriously even though they knew it was light-hearted.

The Sun reports that staff working on the promo at Abbey Road Studios were told they’d be fired if they used social networks, ate meat or took drugs – even though Macca’s original instructions were nothing more than a bit of fun.

The paper quotes an insider saying: “It was meant as a joke – but still, you’d be out on your ear if you ignored the memo.

“Anyone found on Twitter or Facebook, or nibbling a ham sandwich would be ejected immediately.”

Macca himself will take to Twitter tomorrow for a live Q&A session with fans, ahead of the release of his album New on October 14.

Meanwhile, work has begun on a movie entitled The Fifth Beatle, which will be the first major production based on the life of manager Brian Epstein.

Oscar-winning producer Bruce Cohen has secured the rights to use original Fab Four material for the soundtrack. Scriptwriter Vivek J Tiwary, who’s been working on the project for years, says: “I’m confident that the next stage in telling Brian Epstein’s story is in extremely capable hands with Bruce. I’m elated to see The Fifth Beatle coming to life as a film under his guidance.”

Filming will start next year.

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