Scott Stapp Reveals Lyric Video for ‘Slow Suicide’

scott-stapp-creed-500x713During some time away from Creed, vocalist Scott Stapp has capitalized on the free time, preparing to unveil his second solo disc, ‘Proof of Life,’ early next month. As we near the release date, Stapp has shared the lyric video for the first single ‘Slow Suicide’ via Yahoo! 

The song finds Stapp taking a long hard look in the mirror and dealing with the reality of the damage he brought upon himself with his substance abuse. “It’s an honest reflection and characterization of myself and what I was doing to myself,” Stapp explained to Yahoo! Music about the song. “Not only through drugs and alcohol, but through anything in my life that was robbing me of peace, joy, commitment, happiness, and all the positive things this life has to offer.”

Produced by Howard Benson, ‘Proof of Life’ was written by a clean and sober Stapp and serves as a true confessional for the musician who has turned his life around. The words take a very literal approach, lyrically starting out with, “I’m not evil, no matter what you think of me’ and eventually hitting the chorus where the tide begins to turn, ‘I can’t let this life pass me by/ in the blink of an eye it ends.”

Stapp admits that he has had thoughts of suicide in the past but that his life has changed. He hopes the song can help anyone who is still in that dark place. “Anything we put into our lives that is bringing negativity at any level into our lives is slowly killing us,” Stapp shared. “I had that epiphany as we were writing that it was slow suicide because there was a choice I made in all those areas in continuing that behavior or letting it go, as difficult as it may be.”

Check out the lyric video  for the personal song and be on the lookout for Stapp’s ‘Proof of Life,’ which is due out Nov. 5.

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