Marilyn Manson seals ABC TV role

marilynMansonMarilyn Manson is coming to a screen near you after the shock rocker landed a part on hit TV show Once Upon A Time.

ABC broke the news to Rolling Stone that Manson will be joining the cast of the show in November where he will voice Shadow, a character whose voice will give life to the very essence of Neverland.

Show creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz say: “We’ve always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson and we wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl.”

The new season of Once Upon A Time sees the show based in Neverland where Emma, Rumpelstiltskin, Regina, Captain Hook and the rest of the Fairytale Avengers battle the evil Peter Pan while searching for Henry at the same time.

Manson’s Shadow character is reported to be a fan of kidnapping and soul-stealing which will make the rocker a feared force.


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