DARKHAUS – Intercontinental Modern Synth-Rock Band’s debut album MY ONLY SHELTER released November 25th on SPV

PromoImageDarkhaus, the brand new five-piece intercontinental modern Synth-Rock group, jointly created by Pro-Pain main man Gary Meskil and multi-platinum songwriter / composer Rupert Keplinger, have signed to Oblivion / SPV to release their majestic debut album ‘My Only Shelter’ on November 25th.

Gary Meskil, founder of US hardcore / metal legends Pro-Pain, states that “I’ve always wanted to make music like this someday which is totally different from what I’m usually known for. Aside from punk and hardcore, I grew up with up with bands like The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus and Depeche Mode – and those left a mark on me. With Darkhaus, I can finally make it happen!”

Austrian synth wizard Rupert Keplinger, who is well known for his collaborations with top selling German artists such as Peter Maffay, Eisbrecher and Stephen Weidner, notes that “We share a common artistic vision, and our creativity flows freely. In that regard the oceans between us serve the band well.” Meskil adds that “Rupert and I took a no-borders approach to this band because we were in search of a worldly sound with worldly influences and universal appeal.”

World class Scottish lead vocalist Kenny Hanlon, exuberant rhythm guitarist Marshall Stephens, (also from Pro-Pain) and renowned German drummer Paul Keller were recruited to complete Darkhaus’ intercontinental band line up.

The five architects of Darkhaus combine their best efforts to present an ambitious and diverse plethora of songs which combine the urgency of true rock’n’roll, the epic moments which define great acts, and such ‘catchy hooks and melodies’ as those which have been delivered to your ears via radio stations around the world throughout modern time.

While the content and message of ‘My Only Shelter’ Darkhaus’s glorious brand new, yet somehow timeless debut, may be mostly dark and expressive, the masterful melodies and emotionally inspired, soaring songs on the album provide an irresistible musical delight.

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