Michael Poulsen on Tony Iommi’s Influence, Death Metal Beginnings + More

Volbeat-3Danish hard rock act Volbeat are one of the most eclectic and unique sounding bands out there right now. They recently wrapped up their Rock Allegiance tour with All That Remains and HIM, during which Volbeat were promoting their latest album ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & the Shady Ladies.’
During HIM’s very loud soundcheck at the Brooklyn, N.Y. stop, Michael Poulsen sat down with Loudwire.com to chat about his guitar and vocal influences growing up and watching films to pass the time on tour. Poulsen also shared what he likes to indulge in while buying stuff when on the road. Check out our interview with Michael Poulsen of Volbeat below.

Being part of this industry for a good time now, how has your musicianship progressed from album to album?

Personally, I think every time we release a new album you can hear the progress in everybody. Every member in the band is just getting better at what they’re doing, you can hear that in the music. I also think I’m a better songwriter now, it’s all about experience. Now that we’re constantly touring and writing, it just seems like we’re getting better. The key word is inspiration. As long as you can keep finding inspiration then you have something to work with.



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