HIM – Gig review Norwich UEA, 29/10/13




Standing two rows back at one of my favourite venues, the evening was opened with Caspian, an instrumental band hailing from the States. They set the mood pretty well but in my humble opinion, whoever opens for HIM gets a pretty bored response, we’re all just waiting for the main event.
And on they come, Valo making a welcome return with his trademark slouchy beanie and the band open with “All Lips Go Blue” to the delight of the crowd who almost drown them out with their combined vocals as they launch straight into a much loved classic “Buried Alive By Love”. Within the space of 10 minutes the crowd were buzzing and carried on their sing along with Valo as HIM mixed a wicked set spanning old and new from the unmistakable opening riff of “Rip Out The Wings if a Butterfly” to the new but as distinct “I Will be the End of You”.


With their addictive stage presence and every member of the audience completely spellbound by the fabulously timed light show that accompanied each song this will be a gig every HIM fan would have wanted to see. Unfortunately the evening didn’t span late into the night with the concert finishing really quite early. But an encore was loudly requested and was given with the beautiful and beloved “Funeral of Hearts” seeing us out into the cold October evening.

Written by Ellie Spillett

Photographs by Angie Byde Photography for Rock Zone UK

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